Mozes Victor Konig on Banking and Consulting Services

There are many banking and consulting services that are extremely helpful in the case of investment and SMEs.  Here, we take a brief look at HSBC, ING and Goldman Sachs.  For the last decade, Mozes Victor Konig has been enthralled with all three and how they can help with operations of companies like MVK Ventures SARL.

HSBC has a vastly long and expansive history.  Established in 1865, for the last century-and-a-half the financial services and banking corporation has been developing and offering professional services throughout the world. Today HSBC has over 40 million clients within 64 worldwide regions.  Clients in this sense, span a huge spectrum including investors, conglomerates and individuals who are interested in building a personal savings plan.

An internationally-renowned bank, ING’s main focus is Europe.  Offering services to nearly 40 million customers through close to 60,000 employees, the conglomerate guides institutions, individuals and large companies, helping them all stay one step ahead in their transactions.  ING offers a variety of services including: investments, loans, mortgages, payments and savings.  The company also offers higher end services to its Wholesale Banking including: tailor-made lending, customized corporate finance, solutions for debt and equity market solutions, treasury services and more. Overall, the firm’s main aim is to create the best possible customer experience and strives to improve this at all times.

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. was established in…It offers many services including:

  1. advises firms (vis-à-vis buying and selling, capital raising, risk minimization), 
  2. offers financing services (for governments, directing them on how best to finance their largescale work) 
  3. engages in transaction for clients (having expert knowledge of key markets, bonds, stocks, etc.), 
  4. support (advancing efficiency in markets, facilitating the goals of investors), 
  5. managerial services (preserving and developing assets for institutions and individual clients),
  6. investment services (in so doing, in conjunction with their own capital investment, easing growth) and 
  7. innovation (creation of new ideas and analysis driving new perspectives).

All three of these corporations make very good options for those seeking highly reputable investment and advisory firms.

Why Mozes Victor Konig Launched MVK Ventures SARL in Luxembourg

When Mozes Victor Konig established MVK Ventures SARL in Luxembourg he had little idea that the region would quickly become a hub for private equity and investment fund activity. One just needs to take a look at The Top 10 Largest Private Equity Firms in the World featuring CVC Partners, an investment fund headquartered in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is probably one of the most overlooked regions for conducting business in Europe.  Drawing on his own experience as owner of MVK Ventures SARL, Mozes Victor Konig said:

“I was quite surprised when I started looking into the various European options just how easy working in Luxembourg could be.  I think what I found – and still do find – is that the centrality of its location provides facilitated access to an array of nearby markets and this gives it a strategic position that in my view should be the potential envy of the world…or at least the European market.”

Luxembourg’s domestic economy is impressive too.  When you look at the size of its country as compared to its economy, it is undeniably impressive.   Take, for example, its #3 position in VC, R&D, entrepreneurship/high-tech production in the 2020 Global Innovation Survey.

If you are in the process of launching a company or even trying to grow one somewhere in the European region, don’t forget to put Luxembourg on your list of checks.

Mozes Victor Konig on the Value of Satellite Offices

With so many stay-at-home orders, lockdowns, quarantines and other related obstacles to getting out of the house, CEOs and small business owners are having to find alternatives to efficiently get their work done.  Various hubs, spoke offices, work-from-home offices and satellite offices have started to become “the new normal.”  When people have very quickly been forced to create makeshift workspaces they have looked into these alternatives.

“I believe that satellite and hub offices could really become much more popular and mainstream even when the pandemic is over,” said Mozes Victor Konig who has used satellite offices in his own company, MVK Ventures SARL.  “I opened a satellite office in Silicon Valley ‘before the trend’ as it were back in 2018 and I feel myself and my colleagues have really benefitted from it.”

So what is a satellite office exactly?  It is connected to the actual company but is physically separate from the main office.  There is no specification of sizing for a satellite office and they could host 1 or 100 employees but the idea of the concept is decentralization.  The benefit of this is that they are less overwhelming, have less overheads, are more flexible and during this crazy time can house one or two people on a rotating basis, decreasing the possibility of viral spread.

A satellite office definitely provides a real option for those who feel the need to get back to work but cannot quite make it back to the main office yet.