Why Mozes Victor Konig Launched MVK Ventures SARL in Luxembourg

When Mozes Victor Konig established MVK Ventures SARL in Luxembourg he had little idea that the region would quickly become a hub for private equity and investment fund activity. One just needs to take a look at The Top 10 Largest Private Equity Firms in the World featuring CVC Partners, an investment fund headquartered in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is probably one of the most overlooked regions for conducting business in Europe.  Drawing on his own experience as owner of MVK Ventures SARL, Mozes Victor Konig said:

“I was quite surprised when I started looking into the various European options just how easy working in Luxembourg could be.  I think what I found – and still do find – is that the centrality of its location provides facilitated access to an array of nearby markets and this gives it a strategic position that in my view should be the potential envy of the world…or at least the European market.”

Luxembourg’s domestic economy is impressive too.  When you look at the size of its country as compared to its economy, it is undeniably impressive.   Take, for example, its #3 position in VC, R&D, entrepreneurship/high-tech production in the 2020 Global Innovation Survey.

If you are in the process of launching a company or even trying to grow one somewhere in the European region, don’t forget to put Luxembourg on your list of checks.