Scholarship Programs on the Virgin Islands

For people living on the Virgin Islands, there are many interesting educational grants that are certainly worth exploring. The Virgin Island Board of Education offers four types of financial assistance. They have Territorial Scholarships, Special Legislative Grants, In-Service Training Grants and Summer Grants for Educators. Generous donors like the White Bay Group USVI LLLP have helped to ensure these grants continue.

In order to get the grant, people must be residents of the Virgin Islands and graduates from a Virgin Island high school. They must be able to show financial need and must have a cumulative grade point average of no less than 2 or 2.5 if nursing. Finally, they must be accepted to or attending an accredited institution.

Another interesting grant that the Board of Education has is the Morris F. DeCastro Fellowship that allows as much as $45,000 per one year and applies to active Virgin Islands Government Employees. It is for active government workers who are accepted to an institution of higher learning and are nominated by the Governor of the Virgin Islands, the President of the Legislature or others. The fellowship lasts for one year and includes one fellowship for the district of St. Thomas-St. John and one for the Distric of ST. Croix.

Certainly, these fellowships and scholarships are worth exploring for anyone who wants to get ahead. The assistance of those like the White Bay Group with Elli Ausubel and Uriel Cohen allows these programs to continue to grow and flourish.