Tim Kane on Economic Blogging

Top economic bloggers throughout the U.S. have revealed relatively gloomy outlooks on the country’s economy, but have also expressed original viewpoints and ideas regarding solutions to the problem. The most-preferred policy option to stimulate the economy was to “remove restrictions on who can be ‘accredited’ investors.” More than 70% of blogging participants also showed their support for the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would up more domestic areas to oil and gas exploration and drilling.

According to Tim Kane of the Kauffman Foundation, “The economics blogging community has proven to be very insightful with rich and diverse viewpoints, but by nature they understand the importance of entrepreneurship because that’s ultimately who they are.

“We’ve been fortunate to aggregate the insights of top economic bloggers, including expert scholars such as Jim Hamilton at UCSD and Brad Delong at UC Berkley, but also popular commentators outside of the ivory tower, with powerful results,” he added.