Mozes Victor Konig on Banking and Consulting Services

There are many banking and consulting services that are extremely helpful in the case of investment and SMEs.  Here, we take a brief look at HSBC, ING and Goldman Sachs.  For the last decade, Mozes Victor Konig has been enthralled with all three and how they can help with operations of companies like MVK Ventures SARL.

HSBC has a vastly long and expansive history.  Established in 1865, for the last century-and-a-half the financial services and banking corporation has been developing and offering professional services throughout the world. Today HSBC has over 40 million clients within 64 worldwide regions.  Clients in this sense, span a huge spectrum including investors, conglomerates and individuals who are interested in building a personal savings plan.

An internationally-renowned bank, ING’s main focus is Europe.  Offering services to nearly 40 million customers through close to 60,000 employees, the conglomerate guides institutions, individuals and large companies, helping them all stay one step ahead in their transactions.  ING offers a variety of services including: investments, loans, mortgages, payments and savings.  The company also offers higher end services to its Wholesale Banking including: tailor-made lending, customized corporate finance, solutions for debt and equity market solutions, treasury services and more. Overall, the firm’s main aim is to create the best possible customer experience and strives to improve this at all times.

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. was established in…It offers many services including:

  1. advises firms (vis-à-vis buying and selling, capital raising, risk minimization), 
  2. offers financing services (for governments, directing them on how best to finance their largescale work) 
  3. engages in transaction for clients (having expert knowledge of key markets, bonds, stocks, etc.), 
  4. support (advancing efficiency in markets, facilitating the goals of investors), 
  5. managerial services (preserving and developing assets for institutions and individual clients),
  6. investment services (in so doing, in conjunction with their own capital investment, easing growth) and 
  7. innovation (creation of new ideas and analysis driving new perspectives).

All three of these corporations make very good options for those seeking highly reputable investment and advisory firms.

Enhancing Client Relationships

serviceGetting a client to choose your company/business is just the initial part of a successful business practice. The second – much longer part – is customer satisfaction.

Scott Roberts in a recent article in The Indiana Lawyer, explained that “focusing on lasting relationships may not always be the most profitable in the short term, but it pays off.”  Jim Donovan, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and University of Virginia School of Law Adjunct Professor, noted however that one does not need an innate knowledge of how to do this per se; maintaining a successful relationship with a client is a skill that can be learned.

Donovan then goes on to list seven “things all lawyers need to know about covering clients.” These include: really listening to the client (which entails asking open-ended questions, as is the case in active listening), putting the clients first (which means being “prepared to give the client advice that is not in your interest.”).  Also “you need to work really hard to convince the client that you’re there for them all the time. If you’re not there for the client on the thing that they’ve hired you to do, someone else is going to be there, and be willing to pick up the phone at 2 or 3 in the morning if you’re not.” Ice Miller Partner Angela Krahulik echoed this sentiment in Roberts’ article when she said: “The things I have done have run the gamut from personal injury to premises liability.”

Another essential element is to become your clients’ “strategic adviser” (which means “advis[ing] the client on matters outside of the matter they’ve been hired to work on.” Roberts emphasized this point too when he spoke of the success of the 80-year legal partnership relationship between Ice Miller LLP and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. As Krahulik said: “I can remember only two arguments I’ve actually had for that client — one over ownership of a car at the museum and one over a complicated contract issue. It’s knowing the business and where the transition or change is and being helpful in that process.”

So once a client has signed up for your services, immediately start focusing on how to maintain a satisfactory relationship that can last many decades.

Primary Fundraising Efforts

fundraising-effortsThere are currently some quite significant fundraising events taking place for the upcoming primaries. So much so that it has almost become a competition between corporate organizations, rather than the Democrats and the Republicans. There is a lot of money being but out by corporations supporting one or the other of the parties.

What is interesting also is that in some cases – like that of Goldman Sachs – money is being given to BOTH parties. For example, Jim Donovan, Goldman Sachs managing director has organized an incredibly upmarket affair for the Republicans, charging $50,000 per head to support Bush. He did something similar last year for Romney. Donovan is not the only Goldman Sachs executive involved in an advisory role for the Republicans. He is working with others including: John Thain (former president of the corporation), Scott Kapnick (former co-head of investment banking at Goldman Sachs), and Muneer Satter (former Goldman executive who worked on Romney’s 2012 finance committee 3 years ago).

The Republicans are the recipient of substantial fundraising efforts in other parts of the country too. For example, in Charleston West Virginia, there is a breakfast organized by Go West Virginia Inc. to support a group that boosts Republicans. For those who wish to attend, tickets are $100,000 a head, making it “one of the highest priced – if not the highest-priced – political fundraising events ever in West Virginia.”