A Business Model for Medical Success

You’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, or you’ve learned your diabetic, or you’re concerned about your gallstones. How do you now go about finding the best doctor for your needs in your area? While this sounds like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be with the research done by Castle Connolly Medical.

As the leading provider of research about those in the medical profession, Castle Connolly Medical with founders John Castle of Castle Harlan and John J. Connolly helps to take the guess work out of your search.

Castle Connolly has been working for more than 20 years to research quality health care and they provide consumers with the most authoritative and informed assessment of doctors in each area.

Some of their consumer guides include: “America’s Top Doctors,” “America’s Top Doctors for Cancer,” “Top Doctors: New York Metro Area,” “The Best in Senior Living & Eldercare Options” and “The ABCs of HMOs.”

Castle Connolly, with John Castle of Castle Harlan and John J. Connolly, asks thousands of physicians and health care professionals to identify the bets doctors in their region and throughout the country. Physicians cannot pay to be listed and Castle Connolly has a rigorous survey, research and screening process.

They only select physicians who are board certified and they use a “minimum years in practice” standard. They review the credentials of all physicians under consideration. Physicians may be removed, as well, at times.

This is a system that has been working for many years and that continues to educate the public to help them find the best health care possible for their needs.


Joint Castle Harlan Champ Private Equity Purchase

transactionCastle Harlan – together with Champ Private Equity (its Australian affiliate) – sold United Malt Holdings for $655 million. This transaction accords Castle Harlan with “a nice return on its investment.” GrainCorp – the fourth largest malt producer in the world – was the buyer.

A total of $90.54 million in equity was invested by Castle Harlan and Champ Private Equity in the company when it made the purchase a few years earlier from Tiger Brands and Congara Foods. Castle Harlan paid up approximately 55 percent of the equity; Champ made up the difference. Together, this investment makes the total dollar return (to both firms) 4.5 times the equity that they invested. There is an internal rate of return of around 80 percent.