A Great Place to Be: The City of Bridgeton

Certainly, when considering moving to a new location there are a lot of things to think about and weigh. If you have kids, you’ll want to find a nice community with like-minded people and with good schools. If you’re retired, you’ll want a location that has a retirement community and resources for this population. Many people today have their eye on smaller communities that can create a warm and welcoming feel. One such place is Bridgeton, Missouri which has a population of approximately 11,550. As a suburb of Greater St. Louis, Bridgeton allows for great access to the metropolitan center, but still maintains a small town feel.

The City of Bridgeton has one of the most comprehensive collections of parks and recreational programs in the area. There are more than ten parks, with over 256 acres for sports, swimming, hiking and more. There is a Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex, a Bridgeton Crossing Family Aquatic Park and the Bridgeton Berry Hill Golf Course.

The people of Bridgeton are very socially conscience, as the situation with the West Lake landfill shows.

In terms of the schools for children, there are many options. There are a total of 13 blue ribbon private schools in Missouri, serving 5,995 students. And there are many public school options in the area including Bridgeway Elementary school and others.