Primary Fundraising Efforts

fundraising-effortsThere are currently some quite significant fundraising events taking place for the upcoming primaries. So much so that it has almost become a competition between corporate organizations, rather than the Democrats and the Republicans. There is a lot of money being but out by corporations supporting one or the other of the parties.

What is interesting also is that in some cases – like that of Goldman Sachs – money is being given to BOTH parties. For example, Jim Donovan, Goldman Sachs managing director has organized an incredibly upmarket affair for the Republicans, charging $50,000 per head to support Bush. He did something similar last year for Romney. Donovan is not the only Goldman Sachs executive involved in an advisory role for the Republicans. He is working with others including: John Thain (former president of the corporation), Scott Kapnick (former co-head of investment banking at Goldman Sachs), and Muneer Satter (former Goldman executive who worked on Romney’s 2012 finance committee 3 years ago).

The Republicans are the recipient of substantial fundraising efforts in other parts of the country too. For example, in Charleston West Virginia, there is a breakfast organized by Go West Virginia Inc. to support a group that boosts Republicans. For those who wish to attend, tickets are $100,000 a head, making it “one of the highest priced – if not the highest-priced – political fundraising events ever in West Virginia.”