Phoenix Ancient Art at PAD London

Phoenix Ancient Art rancient-artecently participated in PAD London 2015. The Pavilion of Art and Design took place in London’s Berkeley Square and was attended by art collectors from all around the world. This year, Phoenix Ancient Art was just one of 62 galleries that had a booth at the four day event.

PAD offers an ambiance of artistic culture, with galleries presenting design, modern art, photography and more from throughout Asia, Europe and North America. This event therefore “offer[s] an exceptional panorama of the most coveted and iconic works available on the market today.” It is a place for investors in the market to find something unique to add to their collection to “acquire pieces of museum quality with a distinct history.”

Business wise, the PAD Fair in London has become quite the impressive event. Indeed, according to Sallie Brady of Arts & Antiquities, “PAD London’s Berkeley Square location is pure gold, with a steady traffic of hedge-funders, international bankers and Mayfair millionaires.” And as Caroline Roux of The Financial Times, pointed out, “PAD’s London edition is becoming one of the best places to sell their unique and limited edition pieces.”

Tickets for the event were sold at £20 for adults, £10, for students and were free for those under 15 years of age.