Innovators Make the Difference

Today, making it in the business world is not always easy. It’s always inspirational to look at companies that are making a go of their businesses in tough industries.

Shimmie Horn
Innovators like B-cycle and Shimmie Horn are making a difference

Bike sharing had not, until recently, been something that people considered a legitimate option in America. B-cycle changed that way of thinking, bringing the first large-scale bike-sharing program to the US. They started on Earth Day in 2010 with 400 bikes at 40 docking stations in Denver. Today, they allow users to check out bikes with credit cards and to monitor real-time availability using their iPhones.

The second spotlight is on the hotel industry in New York City. Certainly, most people would think that this market is flooded and that there isn’t room for improvement. Shimmie Horn of the Triumph Hotel collection begs to differ. With five beautiful and elegant hotels throughout the New York area, his business is thriving and his down-home excellent customer service stands out in the sea of New York hotels.

Daimler has launched a flexible, eco-friendly car sharing option, With Car2Go they are transforming car sharing and creating a network of Smartcars that can pick up and drop off wherever the customer needs.

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