Coca Cola’s Perez Joins Board of Primerica

Primerica Gains New Board Member Beatriz Perez
New Primerica Board Member, Beatriz Perez

The Chief Sustainability Officer at Coca Cola, 44-year-old Beatriz R. Perez, joined the board of directors at Primerica Inc.

Peres has been the CSO of the Atlanta-based giant beverage company since July 2011. From April 2010 until she took the job as CSO Perez was the chief marketing officer for the North American Division of Coca Cola.

Primerica, headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, is a financial services company which sells insurance and investment products to a wide variety of individuals and families in America and Canada.

“I’m pleased to join Primerica’s Board of Directors because I believe in what they’re doing to help bring financial security to their Main Street clients,” Perez said. “This type of economic empowerment is helping people and families realize their potential and fulfill their dreams.”