Center for Discovery Annual Economic Impact Reaches $184M

A recent analysis reveals that the Center for Discovery is one of the biggest economic engines in the history of Sullivan County. Generating $134 million every year, the Center provides more than 1,400 employment opportunities in Sullivan County alone. In the state of New York, the Center’s total economic impact reaches $184 million annually.

Patrick Dollard, Center for Discovery President and CEO, said:

“The data confirms that The Center for Discovery is a major regional economic force, and while that is an important part of our story, it isn’t all of it. What is more telling is the work we do every day, and the role we have assumed as a national leader in developing innovative care for children and adults with severe disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Our strong commitment to patient care, education and research makes us a model in our industry.”

The Center has proposed a new $20 million project to build a High-Risk Assessment Clinic in Harris. The clinic should add around 400 new jobs over the first few years.

Dr. Theresa Hamlin, Center Associate Executive Director, explained:

“The Assessment Clinic is the only project of its kind. We feel strongly that it will not only be a game-changer for New York but for the entire world.”

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