Beyler Eyyubov, Shakarbura & Charm

Business meetings often call for lunches to be brought in, but sometimes an extra touch would help break the ice during the meeting. In these situations, it’s always recommended to have some sweets around to please the client and to distract them, at times, from the intense dialogue taking place. This is particularly true if the meeting isn’t taking place during the lunch hour, but in the morning or late afternoon.

Creating a multi-cultural atmosphere during a business meeting, the company should consider having various sweet shops make delicacies from their home countries. One great example of this is Beyler’s Sweet Shop located in London. Beyler Eyyubov prepares typical British sweets, but he also has classic Middle Eastern favorites on hand. These include Gavurga which is a delicacy of wheat fried with raisins and nuts. He can prepare Paklava, a diamond-shaped thinly layered pastry that has nuts and sugar in it. And he loves to make Shakarbura which is a pie made of thin dough that is filled with nuts and sugar.

The delicacies from Beyler Eyyubov are one example of the many delicacies that businesses should consider adding to their next business meeting. Certainly, the sky is the limit with the types of sweets a business can introduce to the office.